David Cousens
A portfolio selection for The Mighty Pencil
Published on: 
Digital Art, Editorial Design, Illustration
  • David Cousens draws stuff for money. Vibrant artwork drenched in sunlight that captures everything from serene and thoughtful narratives to insanely dynamic and cinematic action.
    Selected client list
    Adidas, Advanced Photoshop, Ammo Magazine, Apps Magazine, Arcturus, Balopia, BBC, Computer Arts
    Citadel Press, Creative Boom, Digital Arts, DoYouRemeber, Frequency Publishing, Hachette, Imagine FX, IntoUniversity, Kingfisher, Letraset, Macmillan, Mongoose Publishing, New College Swindon, Photoshop Creative, PSDFan, PSD Tuts+, SciFiNow, Tick Tock Publishing, Topless Robot, TransForce Conventions.

    Contact :
    Website : www.CoolSurface.com
    Email : david@coolsurface.com
    Twitter : @DavidCousens